How to: Dress KawaiiEdit

How to: Dress KawaiiEdit

Kawaii originally was meant to describe a cute style of art, but today.. it's much more than that.

How to dress kawaii style:

1. Clothes: -Layering works best. I also find that layering tank tops and graphic t-shirts are best. Or you could cut the graphic t-shirt into a fitted tank top and then use that to layer. If you choose a dressier shirt, you may want to try a colorful clip-on tie. -Skirts work best with this style, but if you only have pants. Choose a pair of skinny jeans and dress them up with patches, leg warmers, rhinestones, characters.... Whatever works best for you.

2. Shoes: -I think colorful high top converse or skater shoes look best especially with skinny jeans. If you want to really dress the look up.. Choose a pair of platforms or wedges and use crazy leg warmers.

3. Accessories: - For accessories.. anything works. -A bunch of colorful rainbow bangels , and assorted bracelets are awesome for this look. -Scarves and neck ties in assorted colors are nice.

4. Hair: -Usually when someone is dressed kawaii, they have bands with lots of hair clips. Choose hair clips with cute characters and fun colors, and make sure you put a bunch of them all over your bangs. -If you don't have bangs, you can buy clip-in bands that look just like real ones. You can buy them in any color to match your hair, or you can buy a crazy color to match whatever your wearing. -Hairstyles are flexible for kawaii. You can choose anything from pigtails to a simple bun. Just dress up your style with fun hair accessories. -Or you can buy a wig. If you want crazy hair, but you don't want to dye it... you can buy a wig. I personally think wigs work best because i love crazy colored hair.

5. Nails: - In japan, kawaii nail designs are as common as wearing makeup. These nails look the best with nail chips and designed by a nail stylist, but they make lots of nail chips that you can easily apply yourself to get the look of kawaii nails.

Those are the five easy things you can do to dress kawaii. I have listed some link to web pages that sell some of the stuff mentioned above. Happy Kin'youbi!! :) :) :))

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